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Savory Hospitality

Restaurant Consulting

Our Services
Starting a new restaurant or need to update your current restaurant? Savory Hospitality is here to make all your culinary dreams come to life! No project is too small or too big. We specialize in all aspects of food and beverage consulting & coaching, from fine dining, hotels, and quick-service restaurants to bars, lounges, and everything in between. 

Established Restaurant / Turnaround Consulting Services

Many restaurants and bars, even with full seats, can use some type of assistance from our consulting team. Finding cost-saving solutions, enhancing your strengths, staff training, and eliminating your weakness, are some of the processes we use for repairing and growing a profitable restaurant. 

•    Food & beverage menu revamping

•    Bar consulting 

•    Product & labor cost analysis
•    New chef introductions
•    Financial audit
•    Organizational Assessment
•    Management retraining
•    Staff/service retraining
•    Crisis Management

•    Conflict Resolution
•    Team Building 
•    Quality of service enhancement  
•    Sanitation evaluations and solutions
•    Safety procedure improvement 
•    Marketing (menu & concept)
•    Inventory Management 

•    COGS improvements  

•    Management & Staff hiring/scouting  
•    Remodel concepts  
•    Special event development

Restaurant Start up Consulting Services 

We offer services from the ground up and can assist you with accomplishing the many tasks needed for a head start on your restaurant dreams. Just a review of your concept may reveal speed bumps or costly errors we can help you avoid. Here is a shortlist of what we offer. 

•    Location scouting
•    Financial forecasting (Feasibility Study)
•    Financial modeling 
•    Budget analyzing
•    Layout development assistance
•    Concept building
•    Budgeting
•    Talent acquisition 
•    Menu development

•    Leadership development 
•    Staff & management training 
•    Marketing consulting 
•    Bar/lounge concept development

•    Bar mixology consulting  

•    Management and staff training
•    Project coordination
•    Grand/soft opening organization

Bar and Restaurant Start up consultant

Staff & Management Training 

When it comes to this topic, no one really knows what it takes until you have successfully trained more than 900 staff & management members with over 60 grand openings within many markets like we have.


Any success story will tell you the key is management, and how they manage the business. A fresh mindset, and outside viewpoint, is what a restaurant consultant should provide you. Not just a copy past training booklet that has been passed around from restaurant to restaurant with some edits that do little to no good for your restaurant.

•    Manager/ Management training 
•    Full FOH training 
•    BOH staff training
•    Staff morale training  
•    Upselling training
•    Conflict resolution training 
•    Customer service training 
•    Staff training manual
•    Service manuals
•    Kitchen/ recipe manual
•    Food cost training

The Restaurant Coach

Restaurant Coach

Our restaurant Coaching service now offers anyone with a phone or Internet connection to work with our founder, Salar, for a one-on-one session, covering a vast array of hospitality services that might just need a boost of our Savory Hospitality spice!

This level of service is offered to anyone with any level of hospitality experience. Many of our coaching clients are first-time restaurant owners, seasoned owners, chefs, managers, waiters, bartenders, or anyone who wants to review their new or exciting concept. Many of our clients who are in hospitality management find this service extremely eye-opening as it relieves many daily stressors and helps them focus on the goals they are trying to achieve.

Learn more about what a restaurant coach can do for you on this page HERE

Empower Growth

Savory Hospitality originated as the original restaurant rescue consulting group, which naturally made us extremely knowledgeable and resourceful in new concept buildouts. Some say we have that secret sauce for success. 

We are consultants for established restaurants, concepts, hotels, bars, and developers within the United States. Providing the tools and knowledge for your vision and return on investment, to expand into profitable multi-unit venues that last. 

Still not sure if you are in need of a restaurant consultant? Just give us a ring and let us show you how we can build, grow, manage, expand, and bring your food and beverage vision to life. (424) 278-4941

Hotel bar and Lounge Consultant
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