“Our passion is the business of hospitality and the culinary arts, which has given us the canvas for our team to showcase 60+ years of combined experience in successful hospitality growth”

-Savory Hospitality Team-

  • Salar Sheik

    Principal & Founder 

    A 20-year veteran of the food and beverage world, Salar brings extensive experience and success in leading winning hospitality teams. A seasoned expert in all aspects of the hospitality world, including but not limited to management, acquisition, development, and financing, he has advanced and overseen the strategic business plans of numerous fine dine, high volume, quick service, and multi-unit food and beverage outlets across the Western United States. 

  • Ted Hopson

    Consulting Director of Culinary Arts


    As a chef, restaurateur, and media personality, Ted Hopson brings a wealth of talent and experience to any project, from menu planning to kitchen staff training to restaurant concept development. As a leading influencer in the culinary world and owner of his own highly acclaimed successful restaurant, The Bellwether in Los Angeles, Hopson’s organizational and operating skills, combined with his unique and creative palate, provides him with the insight necessary to create and develop successful culinary teams.

  • Ann-Marie Verdi

    Consulting Director of Beverages and Operations

    Verdi’s on-going passion for hospitality and the culinary arts has led her to many spotlighted events, articles and publications. From managing the floor to directing her own renown restaurant in Los Angeles, Ann-Marie Verdi is a powerhouse when it comes to hospitality management. Her in-depth knowledge of behind the bar operations and the inner workings of a successful restaurant team make her a key component in any consulting project.

  • Nicole Moshfegh, Psy.D.

    Senior Consulting Psychologist


    Dr. Nicole Moshfegh, or “Dr. M” as her clients refer to her, is a licensed clinical psychologist with a background in organizational and business consulting.  Dr. M has over 10 years of training and experience in clinical and business psychology working with a variety of organizations ranging from universities and healthcare industries to restaurants and family-owned businesses. 

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