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Savory Hospitality

Restaurant Consulting & Coaching

Your Hospitality Coach for You, Your Restaurant, Team, Startup, & Headaches



Our Restaurant Coaching service now offers anyone with a phone or Internet connection to work with our founder, Salar, for a one-on-one session, covering a vast array of hospitality services that might just need a boost of our Savory Hospitality spice!


This level of service is offered to anyone with any level of hospitality experience. Many of our coaching clients are first-time restaurant owners, seasoned owners, chefs, managers, waiters, bartenders, or anyone who wants to review their new or exciting concept. Many of our clients who are in hospitality management find this service extremely eye-opening as it relieves many daily stressors and helps them focus on the goals they are trying to achieve.



What is Restaurant Coaching?

A seasoned pro that is there for you, giving you a viewpoint and tools to get you over your speedbumps to success and less stress.

How does Coaching work?

You tell us what works best for you, phone calls, in-person, zoom, or a mix. We set up sessions with your coach Salar. During your sessions, you will have one on one time to discuss and review any of the following topics above.


How long is the Coaching?

It all depends on what you are here for. It can be anywhere from two to six sessions for individual needs, while some clients like to have two to three sessions a month on an ongoing basis to aid and train management.


How long is each session?

Individual sessions are typically 45-60mins. if you are part of our monthly/group subscription time limits can be adjusted.


What is the commitment?

It depends on what the client is trying to achieve; we may need as few as two sessions but more typically 6-10 sessions are required to see enough of a benefit.

If you are not in need of a full consulting period and need a quick moment of clarity & support,

Coaching is for you.  

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