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Kale Vs Pork Belly

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Kale chips, kale salad, kale juice, kale soup, kale slaw, kale dip.... well about anything is now being made with kale. Most of us remember growing up seeing kale as the green thing that was placed around food to make it look, fresh?? Or, maybe you were not sure if this tough weed looking green was real or fake? Currently, reports of kale’s nutritional properties, as the powerhouse of all greens, have made this tough guy the “king green,” being sold at restaurants and farmer’s markets. We can all use Google by now to see all the great benefits of eating kale, or, you can just take a look at this

Wow, right… WebMD not saying something might give you cancer? I myself have found a great taste for kale salad or juice (mix with a little apple, ginger, and lemon). Many restaurants are moving to darker greens, making room for kale on their menu for the growing trend of healthy choices for customers. Looks like this one will be trending for some time, until we find a more superior green for replacement. Popeye, you can keep your canned spinach.

So, why the big trend with pork belly if everyone is in love with nutrient green kale?? One will find a hard time looking for a positive fact even online about pork belly being great for your physical heath. You can pretty much only say it’s like bacon, and how can you not love bacon, right?! Fatty and tender pork belly is no longer just smoked into bacon and served next to two sunny-side eggs. Just take a look at nearly every menu on the Westside and you will see seasoned and under-seasoned chefs alike take their pick at making fame with this fatty guy. So how long will the pork belly trend last? Can’t say for sure, but I believe he will be resting in peace on menus for some time, or at least until the rich indulgence movement slows down. More on that later…


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