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Ted Hopson

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Ted Hopson

As a chef, restaurateur, and media personality, Ted Hopson brings a wealth of talent and experience to any project, from menu planning to kitchen staff training to restaurant concept development. As a leading influencer in the culinary world and owner of his own highly acclaimed successful restaurant, The Bellwether in Los Angeles, Hopson’s organizational and operating skills, combined with his unique and creative palate, provides him with the insight necessary to create and develop successful culinary teams.

Chef Hopson is well-rounded in all aspects of cuisine given his earlier days working with Michelin-starred leaders at the Water Grill, where he worked under acclaimed chef David LeFevre ascending from intern to executive sous chef, to some of the most prominent restaurants in Southern California –including The Eveleigh, Father’s Office, and Umami Restaurant Group.

Hopson’s success has led to numerous media appearances and acclaimed food and beverage events including Bravo TV’s Top Chef, Food Network’s Iron Chef, Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival, Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival, and James Beard Foundation’s Beard House among others.

Whether it's revamping your restaurant menu or reorganizing your food and beverage team from the ground up, working with Chef Hopson and the Savory Hospitality team means tapping into over 60+ years of combined experience at some of the top hospitality outlets in the nation.


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