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Ann-Marie Verdi

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Ann-Marie Verdi

A Southern California native with international hospitality experience, Ann-Marie Verdi attributes her passion for food and hospitality to growing up in a large Sicilian family, including several veteran restaurateurs on both coasts. While attending college, Verdi worked at a number of local bars and began to express her own creative interpretations of mixology—a movement just beginning to develop in restaurants and bars around the country at the time. From her experience in England at the historical The Holly Bush, to managing fast-paced L.A. bars and restaurants, Verdi rose through the ranks at several gastropubs, ultimately leading her to Sang Yoon’s famed Father’s Office, at which she worked alongside chef Ted Hopson as general manager. In 2015, she departed Father’s office, along with Hopson, to co-found The Bellwether.

Verdi’s on-going passion for hospitality and the culinary arts has led her to many spotlighted events, articles and publications. From managing the floor to directing her own renown restaurant in Los Angeles, Ann-Marie Verdi is a powerhouse when it comes to hospitality management. Her in-depth knowledge of behind the bar operations and the inner workings of a successful restaurant team make her a key component in any consulting project.

At Savory Hospitality we like to say Verdi is our “Swiss Army Knife” of talent. Her diverse knowledge and on-going real world restaurant and bar management experience gives her consulting work that “je ne sais quoi” needed to make any project a standout for years to come.


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