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Salar Sheik

Updated: Nov 28, 2023


Salar Sheik, a 20+year veteran of the food and beverage industry, brings extensive experience and success in leading winning hospitality teams. A seasoned expert in all aspects of the hospitality world, including but not limited to management, acquisition, development, and financing, he has advanced and overseen the strategic business plans of numerous fine dine, high volume, quick service, and multi-unit food and beverage outlets across the Western United States.

Prior to founding Savory Hospitality, Salar Sheik was with Paramount Pictures, where he served as the General Manager of Dining Services, overseeing and managing outlets servicing individuals ranging from the blue collar to Hollywood elites. His understanding of growing trends and consumer desires sets him ahead of the curve. Throughout his career, Salar has contributed to outlets such as Pink Taco, Edward Thomas Collection (ETC) Hotels, Woodside Hotels, Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, and Kaos Management, to name a few.

Salar Sheik has a solid hospitality background that includes outstanding transactional and organizational leadership experience and numerous relationships throughout the industry, providing a great advantage for his clients.

Being recognized by the Court of Master Sommeliers in addition to having extensive mixology experience, Salar is well versed in both viniculture and spirits. After an extensive and thorough time in all areas of the hospitality industry, Salar’s vision of creating and developing unique and profitable food and beverage outlets across the nation has brought him to this juncture.

Under the leadership of Salar Sheik, Savory Hospitality is a food and beverage consultation company that can build, grow, manage, expand, and bring your food and beverage vision to life.


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