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To Follow Or Not To Follow A Trend? 4 Tips To Help You Decide.

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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Trends are nothing new to us in the world of hospitality.

As soon as we open our eyes and mouths, we see and taste fondue, martinis, gourmet burgers, protein everything, low carb, no gluten, or even Sriracha on Sriracha. All trends seem to plateau sooner rather than later, but few ride along in full force before something takes its place or someone slanders its status. All types of foodservice outlets need to take note of trends and why they rise and fall.

Quick-service, full service, fine dining, and caterers are all subjected to reviews as customers are quick to judge as soon as they read over your menu or glance over at your Instagram page and start to #hashtag.Understanding the trend origins is key in judging which to follow or not to follow .

Use the following tips as your guide by Salar Sheik on; LINK


Salar Sheik

Savory Hospitality Founder


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